What’s an amazing technology it is!

China is famous for its science and technology.
This time, the United States, Britain and the developed countries in the world have come to China to steal engineer. This is a historic moment.

     Let's take a look at what magical technology is of the airport trailer tire:
Bring you to know a super new friend used in Airport trailer solid tier -
this flatbed truck trailer is equivalent to a basketball court's size, carrying 1,000 tons, more than 100 long solid tyres cost of millions of luxary  cars using remote control . Is not it incredible?
No, Is it, is it!

The largest domestic tonnage of 1,000 tons
Heavy "Big Mac" flatbed
The power of a car is not big enough
Then two cars
The picture above is the car and car carrying
Not only great strength
Tactics are dexterous
This figure is a precise millimeter-level control docking
Look at the actual performance of the transport
This is a bridge transport
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3500 tons of ocean engineering ship transport
3500 tons!
Total shipping volume of 5,200 tons, length of 128 meters
It has Refreshed domestic truck maximum load record
3,500 tons of the entire ship, to transport transports

Yes, this world-renowned high-tech is heavyweight flatbed solid tyre  truck; domestic 1000 tons of heavy-duty "Big Mac" flatbed, 23 meters long, 10 meters wide, 8 axes of 4 columns, 32 suspension, 128 tires! Foreigners are shocked ...

This is independently developed by the China Civil Aviation Industrial Park, Hubei Sanjiang Aerospace Wanshan Special Vehicles Co., Ltd., China's Fourth Aerospace Science and Industry Building. It has completely independent intellectual property rights and has been successfully off the assembly line. And less than five in the world, only Germany, China can create.