Ruber Raw Material Price Soaring up?

In March 8, 2016, the natural rubber price is 10600 yuan / ton, since March, domestic spot market prices continued to rise. Then the rubber market last week HuJiao strong rise, especially Friday trading to close.

The situation seems to the years of rubber mud price, we think the main reason is:

Seasonal supply reduction makes its factors rubber glue price support. Then in Malaysia, Thailand and the Indonesian government to cut 615 thousand tons of rubber exports from March 1st to August 31st, and the three countries accounted for more than 60% of the total global rubber exports, Vietnam also limit exports rubber to improve the rubber market price. The Qingdao Free Trade Zone in February 29th reduced inventory, inventories fell to 271 thousand and 400 tons, a decrease of 2%. and the overall inventory is still high. The price of natural rubber pressing factors


And the other from Libya and other countries is still subject to the low price to rubber and other factors. So we started for the future of the rubber tire prices led to rising prices of ideas to maintain very cautious attitude, but not as cheerful as a lark.


Master data Chinese tire business network display:

Statistics production line part Chinese domestic tire enterprises operating rate in March 4th, truck and bus tires enterprises operating rate of 62.79% (+4.15%), passenger tire enterprises operating rate of 66.83% (+2.85%), last week's operating rate continues to rise. Chinese 70% are used in the production of rubber tires, the tire industry will directly affect the rise and fall of our rubber industry the influence of tire, rubber raw material cost and how much? We card in accordance with the production of ordinary passenger car tires to see what tire prices would take? But generally speaking for the time effect of rubber tire prices usually lag for about 1 months, which is mainly influenced by the long-term trend of rubber and foreign exchange and stock assessment other factors may be.


We know that the bead triangle core rubber glue and waste tires cut, mainly with reclaimed rubber, carbon black and bead wire, natural rubber and synthetic rubber was quite small. We also know how to scrap tire, tread wear, that is to say the crown to the natural rubber tire ratio will be decreased accordingly so we can draw three. (natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, butadiene) accounted for 40-45%. of the weight of all steel tire

Then, we have to press all steel tire were weighs about 60 kg, the conversion is one of about 17 tons of tires to measure can get the following results:


Extended reading:

Natural rubber, we usually say, refers to the collection from the Brazil rubber tree latex, after solidification, drying process and made of elastic solids. Natural rubber is a kind of polyisoprene as the main component of natural polymer, the molecular formula is n (C5H8), the rubber hydrocarbon (poly isoprene) content of more than 90%, also contains a small amount of protein, fat, sugar and ash. The film manufacturing process and by the different shape, can be divided into natural rubber, dry film, white crepe, brown crepe. Bacon rubber natural rubber is the most representative species, has been is a large amount, wide application of a kind of glue, smoked sheet according to the general shape classification, divided into grade, level, level two, level three, level Four, level five, level six, not up to grade five are classified as substandard glue.


Since natural rubber has elasticity, excellent insulation, vibration characteristics, water and plasticity and, after appropriate treatment also has oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, pressure resistance, wear resistance and other valuable properties, therefore, has been widely used. For example, the use of daily life in the rain, warm water bag, elastic band; used in medical and health industry surgeon gloves, blood transfusion tube, a variety of condoms; tire transportation; transport industry use belt, conveyor belt, acid and alkali resistant gloves; irrigation hose, agricultural use bags for the measurement of ammonia; meteorological sounding balloon; seal, shockproof equipment used in scientific experiments the defense; on the use of the aircraft, tanks, artillery, gas masks; even the Rockets, satellites and spacecraft and other sophisticated science and technology products cannot do without natural rubber. At present, the world partly or completely Made of natural rubber goods has reached more than 70 thousand.